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Golab Adine

Canary Yellow's poster

Canary Yellow (1989)

aka: Zard-e Ghanari

The Silent Hunt's poster

The Silent Hunt (1990)

aka: Shekare khamoosh

The Blue-Veiled's poster

The Blue-Veiled (1995)

aka: Rusari Abi

Season Five's poster

Season Five (1997)

aka: Fasl-e panjom

The May Lady's poster

The May Lady (1998)

aka: Banoo-Ye Ordibehesht

Under the Skin of the City's poster

Under the Skin of the City (2001)

aka: Zir-e poost-e shahr

Women's Prison's poster

Women's Prison (2002)

aka: Zendan-e zanan

Mom's Guest's poster

Mom's Guest (2004)

aka: Mehman-e maman

The Afghan Bride's poster

The Afghan Bride (2004)

aka: Arus-e afghan

When Everybody Was Asleep (2006)

aka: Vaghti hame khab boodand

Tales's poster

Tales (2014)

aka: Ghesse-ha

I Am Diego Maradona's poster

I Am Diego Maradona (2015)

aka: Man Diego Maradona hastam

Sister's poster

Sister (2016)

aka: Abji

Carpet and Chaos's poster

Carpet and Chaos

aka: Les Pieds dans le tapis

The Throne Trilogy's poster

The Throne Trilogy

aka: سه گانه اورنگ