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Mohammad Reza Foroutan

Mercedes's poster

Mercedes (1998)

Two Women's poster

Two Women (1999)

aka: Do zan

Cry's poster

Cry (1999)

aka: Faryad

Red's poster

Red (1999)

aka: Ghermez

Protest's poster

Protest (2000)

aka: Eteraz

Born Under Libra's poster

Born Under Libra (2000)

aka: Motevalede mahe mehr

Under the Skin of the City's poster

Under the Skin of the City (2001)

aka: Zir-e poost-e shahr

The Longest Night's poster

The Longest Night (2001)

aka: Shabe Yalda

The Silent King's poster

The Silent King (2003)

aka: Shahe Khamush

Friday's Soldiers's poster

Friday's Soldiers (2004)

aka: Sarbaz-haye jome

Kandaloos Gardens's poster

Kandaloos Gardens (2004)

The Singles's poster

The Singles (2004)

aka: Mojarrad-ha

Top of the Tower's poster

Top of the Tower (2005)

aka: Nok-e borj

Gradually's poster

Gradually (2006)

When Everybody Was Asleep (2006)

aka: Vaghti hame khab boodand

Night Bus's poster

Night Bus (2007)

aka: Otobuse shab

The Other Wife (2007)

aka: The Second Wife

The Hidden Sense (2007)

aka: Hess-e Penhan

Canaan's poster

Canaan (2008)

Invitation's poster

Invitation (2008)

aka: Davat

The Postman Doesn't Knock 3 Times's poster

The Postman Doesn't Knock 3 Times (2009)

aka: Postchi se bar dar nemizanad

Trial on the Street (2009)

aka: Mohakeme dar khiaban

Karat 14's poster

Karat 14 (2009)

Mizak's poster

Mizak (2009)

The Other's poster

The Other (2010)

aka: Digari

Love at 40's poster

Love at 40 (2010)

aka: Chehel Salegi

Democracy in Daylight's poster

Democracy in Daylight (2010)

aka: Democracy Tou Rouze Roshan

Day and Night's poster

Day and Night (2010)

aka: Shabaane Rooz

Tarsina cevrilan dunya's poster

Tarsina cevrilan dunya (2011)

Calm Streets (2011)

aka: Khiaban-haye aram

Nowhere, Nobody's poster

Nowhere, Nobody (2013)

aka: Hich Koja Hich Kas

Twilight's poster

Twilight (2013)

aka: Sayeh Roshan

Room Number Zero's poster

Room Number Zero (2014)

aka: Charsoo

Metropole's poster

Metropole (2014)

Tales's poster

Tales (2014)

aka: Ghesse-ha

Sensitive Floor's poster

Sensitive Floor (2014)

aka: Tabagheye hasas

Romantic Nostalgia's poster

Romantic Nostalgia (2014)

aka: Deltangi-ha-ye asheghaneh

Tajrish... an unfinished story (2014)

Night Shift's poster

Night Shift (2015)

aka: Shift-e Shab

Inadaptable's poster

Inadaptable (2016)

aka: Aaaadat Nemikonim

Atoosa's Laughter's poster

Atoosa's Laughter (2016)

aka: Khandehaye-Atoosa

Blind Side's poster

Blind Side (2016)

aka: Noghteh kor

Negar's poster

Negar (2017)

August's poster

August (2017)

aka: Mordad

Symphony No. 9's poster

Symphony No. 9 (2019)

Mr. Censor's poster

Mr. Censor (2021)

aka: Aghaye Sansoor

Octopus's poster


aka: هشت‌پا