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Rakhshan Banietemad

Off-Limits's poster

Off-Limits (1988)

aka: Kharej az Mahdudeh

Canary Yellow's poster

Canary Yellow (1989)

aka: Zard-e Ghanari

Foreign Currency's poster

Foreign Currency (1989)

aka: Poole Khareji

Narges's poster

Narges (1992)

The Blue-Veiled's poster

The Blue-Veiled (1995)

aka: Rusari Abi

The last meeting with Iran Daftari's poster

The last meeting with Iran Daftari (1995)

aka: Akharin didar ba Iran Daftari

The May Lady's poster

The May Lady (1998)

aka: Banoo-Ye Ordibehesht

Tales of an Island's poster

Tales of an Island (2000)

aka: Dastanha-ye Jazire

Under the Skin of the City's poster

Under the Skin of the City (2001)

aka: Zir-e poost-e shahr

Our Times's poster

Our Times (2002)

aka: Ruz-egar-e ma

Gilane's poster

Gilane (2005)

Mainline's poster

Mainline (2006)

aka: Khoon bazi

A Good Time for Tragedy's poster

A Good Time for Tragedy (2006)

aka: Vaght-e khoob-e masaeb

Persian Carpet's poster

Persian Carpet (2007)

We Are Half of Iran's Population (2009)

Tales's poster

Tales (2014)

aka: Ghesse-ha

Touran khanom's poster

Touran khanom (2019)

Moonshadow's poster

Moonshadow (2025)

Baran and the Native's poster

Baran and the Native

aka: باران و بومی

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