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Valeriu Andriuță

Occident's poster

Occident (2002)

Milionari de weekend's poster

Milionari de weekend (2004)

Beyond the Hills's poster

Beyond the Hills (2012)

aka: Dupa dealuri

Orizont's poster

Orizont (2015)

Graduation's poster

Graduation (2016)

aka: Bacalaureat

Eastern Business's poster

Eastern Business (2016)

aka: Afacerea Est

The Very Last Morning's poster

The Very Last Morning (2016)

aka: Dimineata care nu se va sfârsi

Butterflies's poster

Butterflies (2016)

A Gentle Creature's poster

A Gentle Creature (2017)

aka: Krotkaya

Breaking News's poster

Breaking News (2017)

Love 1. Dog's poster

Love 1. Dog (2018)

aka: Dragoste 1: Câine

A Decent Man's poster

A Decent Man (2018)

aka: Un om la locul lui

Donbass's poster

Donbass (2018)

Beautiful Corruption's poster

Beautiful Corruption (2018)

You Know Him (2020)

aka: Nasipse Adayiz

Pigeon's Milk's poster

Pigeon's Milk (2021)

aka: Moloko ptitsy

Miracle's poster

Miracle (2021)

aka: Miracol

The Father Who Moves Mountains's poster

The Father Who Moves Mountains (2021)

aka: Tata muta muntii

Tatami's poster

Tatami (2023)