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Jacques Perrin

Gates of the Night's poster

Gates of the Night (1946)

aka: Les portes de la nuit

Les tricheurs's poster

Les tricheurs (1958)

Green Harvest's poster

Green Harvest (1959)

aka: La verte moisson

The Truth's poster

The Truth (1960)

aka: La vérité

Girl with a Suitcase's poster

Girl with a Suitcase (1961)

aka: La ragazza con la valigia

First Taste of Love's poster

First Taste of Love (1961)

aka: Les nymphettes

Les croulants se portent bien's poster

Les croulants se portent bien (1961)

And Satan Calls the Turns's poster

And Satan Calls the Turns (1962)

aka: Et Satan conduit le bal

Family Diary's poster

Family Diary (1962)

aka: Cronaca familiare

Sun in Your Eyes's poster

Sun in Your Eyes (1962)

aka: Le soleil dans l'oeil

La corruzione's poster

La corruzione (1963)

Il fornaretto di Venezia's poster

Il fornaretto di Venezia (1963)

Chance at Love's poster

Chance at Love (1964)

aka: La chance et l'amour

All the Other Girls Do!'s poster

All the Other Girls Do! (1964)

aka: Oltraggio al pudore

La calda vita's poster

La calda vita (1964)

The 317th Platoon's poster

The 317th Platoon (1965)

aka: La 317ème section

The Sleeping Car Murder's poster

The Sleeping Car Murder (1965)

aka: Compartiment tueurs

Un uomo a metà's poster

Un uomo a metà (1966)

The Search's poster

The Search (1966)

aka: La busca

Line of Demarcation's poster

Line of Demarcation (1966)

aka: La ligne de démarcation

The Invincible's poster

The Invincible (1966)

aka: Rose rosse per Angelica

The Big Softie's poster

The Big Softie (1967)

aka: Le grand dadais

Shock Troops's poster

Shock Troops (1967)

aka: 1 homme de trop

The Young Girls of Rochefort's poster

The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967)

aka: Les demoiselles de Rochefort

Horizon's poster

Horizon (1967)

aka: L'horizon

Love in the Night's poster

Love in the Night (1968)

aka: Vivre la nuit

Spray of the Days's poster

Spray of the Days (1968)

aka: L'écume des jours

A Little Virtuous's poster

A Little Virtuous (1968)

aka: La petite vertu

L'Américain's poster

L'Américain (1969)

The Uninvited's poster

The Uninvited (1969)

aka: L'invitata

Z's poster

Z (1969)

Donkey Skin's poster

Donkey Skin (1970)

aka: Peau d'âne

The Strangler's poster

The Strangler (1970)

aka: L'étrangleur

Blanche's poster

Blanche (1971)

Home Sweet Home's poster

Home Sweet Home (1973)

Special Section's poster

Special Section (1975)

aka: Section spéciale

The Desert of the Tartars's poster

The Desert of the Tartars (1976)

aka: Il deserto dei tartari

Black and White in Color's poster

Black and White in Color (1976)

aka: La victoire en chantant

Ce gamin, là's poster

Ce gamin, là (1976)

Le Crabe-Tambour's poster

Le Crabe-Tambour (1977)

Fire's Share's poster

Fire's Share (1978)

aka: La part du feu

Sophie et le Capitaine (1978)

Adoption's poster

Adoption (1979)

aka: L'adoption

Operation Leopard's poster

Operation Leopard (1980)

aka: La légion saute sur Kolwezi

Une robe noire pour un tueur's poster

Une robe noire pour un tueur (1981)

La disubbidienza's poster

La disubbidienza (1981)

Le sang du flamboyant's poster

Le sang du flamboyant (1981)

A Captain's Honor's poster

A Captain's Honor (1982)

aka: L'honneur d'un capitaine

Les quarantièmes rugissants's poster

Les quarantièmes rugissants (1982)

Year of the Jellyfish's poster

Year of the Jellyfish (1984)

aka: L'année des méduses

The Judge's poster

The Judge (1984)

aka: Le juge

Paroles et musique's poster

Paroles et musique (1984)

Parole de flic's poster

Parole de flic (1985)

Cinema Paradiso's poster

Cinema Paradiso (1988)

aka: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Vanille fraise's poster

Vanille fraise (1989)

Flight from Paradise's poster

Flight from Paradise (1990)

aka: Fuga dal paradiso

In nome del popolo sovrano's poster

In nome del popolo sovrano (1990)

Everybody's Fine's poster

Everybody's Fine (1990)

aka: Stanno tutti bene

La contre-allée's poster

La contre-allée (1991)

Nothing But Lies's poster

Nothing But Lies (1991)

aka: Rien que des mensonges

Flight of the Innocent's poster

Flight of the Innocent (1992)

aka: La corsa dell'innocente

The Young Girls Turn 25's poster

The Young Girls Turn 25 (1993)

aka: Les demoiselles ont eu 25 ans

Il lungo silenzio's poster

Il lungo silenzio (1993)

C'è Kim Novak al telefono's poster

C'è Kim Novak al telefono (1994)

Les hirondelles ne meurent pas à Jerusalem (1994)

Montparnasse-Pondichéry's poster

Montparnasse-Pondichéry (1994)

Les enfants de Lumière's poster

Les enfants de Lumière (1995)

The World of Jacques Demy's poster

The World of Jacques Demy (1995)

aka: L'univers de Jacques Demy

Microcosmos's poster

Microcosmos (1996)

aka: Microcosmos: Le peuple de l'herbe

Le silence des fusils's poster

Le silence des fusils (1996)

Prima la musica, poi le parole's poster

Prima la musica, poi le parole (1998)

I Didn't Do It!'s poster

I Didn't Do It! (1999)

aka: C'est pas ma faute!

Himalaya's poster

Himalaya (1999)

aka: Himalaya - l'enfance d'un chef

Brotherhood of the Wolf's poster

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

aka: Le pacte des loups

Winged Migration's poster

Winged Migration (2001)

aka: Le peuple migrateur

L'empire du milieu du sud's poster

L'empire du milieu du sud (2002)

Ti voglio bene Eugenio's poster

Ti voglio bene Eugenio (2002)

September 11's poster

September 11 (2002)

aka: 11'09''01 - September 11

Above the Clouds (2003)

aka: Là-haut, un roi au-dessus des nuages

Deep Blue's poster

Deep Blue (2003)

A Very Long Engagement's poster

A Very Long Engagement (2004)

aka: Un long dimanche de fiançailles

The Chorus's poster

The Chorus (2004)

aka: Les choristes

Hell's poster

Hell (2005)

aka: L'enfer

The Young Lieutenant's poster

The Young Lieutenant (2005)

aka: Le petit lieutenant

Stranger Than Fiction's poster

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

Deep Water's poster

Deep Water (2006)

Oceans's poster

Oceans (2008)

aka: Océans

Paris 36's poster

Paris 36 (2008)

aka: Faubourg 36

Modern Love's poster

Modern Love (2008)

Restless's poster

Restless (2009)

aka: L'insurgée

Vittorio racconta Gassman: Una vita da mattatore's poster

Vittorio racconta Gassman: Una vita da mattatore (2010)

Pierre Schoendoerffer, la sentinelle de la mémoire's poster

Pierre Schoendoerffer, la sentinelle de la mémoire (2011)

Gli anni delle immagini perdute's poster

Gli anni delle immagini perdute (2012)

La nuit des éléphants's poster

La nuit des éléphants (2014)

Seasons's poster

Seasons (2015)

aka: Les saisons

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey's poster

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey (2016)

Voyage of Time's poster

Voyage of Time (2016)

aka: Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience

The Mercy's poster

The Mercy (2018)

Mia and the White Lion's poster

Mia and the White Lion (2018)

aka: Mia et le lion blanc

Remi, Nobody's Boy's poster

Remi, Nobody's Boy (2018)

aka: Rémi sans famille

Poumon vert et tapis rouge's poster

Poumon vert et tapis rouge (2021)

Goliath's poster

Goliath (2022)

The Last Men's poster

The Last Men (2023)

aka: Les derniers hommes

Touch and Die's poster

Touch and Die

L'odyssée de la vie's poster

L'odyssée de la vie

Man & Wife, Cop & Crook's poster

Man & Wife, Cop & Crook

aka: Hold-up à l'italienne

Kingdom Of The Oceans's poster

Kingdom Of The Oceans

aka: Le Peuple des Océans

Richelieu: The Purple and the Blood's poster

Richelieu: The Purple and the Blood

aka: Richelieu, la pourpre et le sang

Love in Ambush

200,000 Phantoms's poster

200,000 Phantoms

aka: 200 000 Fantômes

L'Herbe rouge's poster

L'Herbe rouge

Borderline's poster


Top Kids's poster

Top Kids

Victor Schœlcher, l'abolition's poster

Victor Schœlcher, l'abolition

Le Piano oublié's poster

Le Piano oublié

Louis XI, le pouvoir fracassé's poster

Louis XI, le pouvoir fracassé

Françoise Dorléac, une promesse's poster

Françoise Dorléac, une promesse

Trintignant by Trintignant's poster

Trintignant by Trintignant

aka: Trintignant par Trintignant

Jean-Louis Trintignant, pourquoi que je vis


Oh pardon ! Tu dormais...'s poster

Oh pardon ! Tu dormais...

The Deep End of the Ocean

aka: In fondo al cuore

La Grimace

Pablo Est Mort