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Inside Out

2015 · 1 hr 35 mins

Winner of an Academy Award, "Inside Out" (2015) is a unique and thought-provoking animated adventure that delights viewers of all ages. On the eve of her family's big move from Minnesota to San Francisco, eleven year old Riley Andersen gets lost in the swirl of emotions that come with change. To help her navigate these unfamiliar feelings, a team of five personified emotions – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger – are recruited and embark on a journey of emotional discovery! Through a series of funny and creative struggles, these emotions must band together to bring Riley back to a place of inner peace and harmony. With charming touches of humour, an uplifting soundtrack, and vibrant visuals, this film transcends its genre and succeeds in creating a heartwarming and unforgettable cinematic experience!

Director: Pete Docter

Cast: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Kaitlyn Dias, Richard Kind